The Unknown Country, dir. Morrisa Maltz

"The Unknown Country" honored with a Gotham Award

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The prestigious Gotham Awards that go to authors of independent cinema were awarded in New York. The laurel for Outstanding Leading Performance went to Lily Gladstone for her role in The Unknown Country, directed by Morrisa Maltz. Many congratulations! We are all the more pleased, because as the American Film Festival we have contributed to this success: The Unknown Country was developed as part of our branch project, US in Progress.

Lily Gladstone, a very familiar face in the AFF family, previously starred in First Cow presented three years ago, featured last year in the aforementioned The Unknown Country and Quantum Cowboys developed within US in Progress as well, and appeared in Fancy Dance and Killers of The Flower Moon during this year's festival. Her exceptional performance in the latter has led many to predict an Oscar for her.

The Unknown Country: gentling America

Morrisa Maltz’s film is a unique blend of fiction and documentary, portraying an emotional and literal journey. The protagonist, Tana (Lily Gladstone), a Native American woman from the Dakota people, embarks on a journey from frigid Minnesota to southern Texas. Along the way, she confronts personal challenges and meets seemingly random people who, in reality, play a crucial role in her journey. Each roadside encounter becomes an opportunity for Maltz to tell a personal story. She assembles a poignant portrait of post-Trump America, full of cracks, bitter disappointments, and unseen fates.

US in Progress is a unique industry project accompanying the American Film Festival. This initiative sees Polish post-production companies aiding in the completion of independent American films, turning Wrocław into a permanent meeting ground for producers from the US and Europe. Co-organized by the Polish Film Institute and the Lower Silesia Film Centre, US in Progress is supported by partners including Black Photon, Earworks, FixaFilm, Orka, Platige Image, Soundflower Studio, XANF, New Europe Film Sales, Polish Producers Guild, KIPA National Chamber of Audiovisual Producers, and Variety.

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