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AFF and CINEMAFORUM accept submissions for the American Shorts section

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American Film Festival in Wrocław (November 5th-11th) joins forces with CINEMAFORUM in Warsaw (October 23rd-27th) again in 2024. American Shorts selection by curators of both festivals will be presented in Poland at two events in the Fall.

American Shorts is an extremely popular section of festivals in Warsaw and Wrocław and the only program focusing on short narrative films from the U.S. in Poland. For four years the participants of the CINEMAFORUM and the American Film Festival have been appreciating the annual selection, which perfectly combines social insight with an attractive cinematic form.

The call is open for:

  • narrative short films (including animation); no documentary please;
  • films produced in the USA;
  • films which do not exceed 40 minutes

Films can be submitted by e-mail to, with ‘AmShort submission’ in title, including a link to screener and providing:

  1. the title
  2. link to screener
  3. director’s name
  4. year of production
  5. runtime
  6. short synopsis (50 words max).
  7. name and surname of the submitting person (and company name, if representing one)
  8. e-mail and telephone contact
  9. short description of the film in English (up to 500 characters).
  10. A list of foreign festivals where the film has already been presented and the filmography of the director will be appreciated.

Applications can be sent no later than August 1st 2024.

Selected movies will be presented as part of the American Shorts section during the 15th American Film Festival in Wrocław (November 5-11, 2024) and the CINEMAFORUM in Warsaw (October 23rd-27th, 2024). The selection – made by Anna Winkler (from the AFF team) and artistic director of CINEMAFORUM Błażej Hrapkowicz, will be announced in early October.

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