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Conditions of Pass Use and Purchase

Conditions of Pass Purchase

  • The Festival Passes will be available for purchase beginning September 28th untill 19th October 2021 or until all passes have been sold, whichever comes first.
  • The Festival Passes costs:
    290 PLN
    The Festival Passes for the New Horizons Cinema Friend Card costs:
    275 PLN
  • The amount due must be paid within 24 hours of order submission through the online payment option available through the festival website (DotPay - payment by electronic transfer or payment card). Dotpay is the only payment form accepted for festival Passes.
  • Please enter your New Horizons Cinema Friend Card number when purchasing a discount Festival Pass. The card, just like the Festival Pass, is valid only for use by the named cardholder and only named cardholders are entitled to card discounts. It is prohibited to purchase a Festival Pass at the discount price for third parties who are not cardholders.
  • Pass purchases will be confirmed by e-mail within 7 days of receipt of payment on the Organizer’s account.
  • Each Pass is issued to one specific individual identified in the purchase order. Purchase order forms are accessible through the festival website under the tab labeled “Passes” or by clicking the button labeled “Buy Pass”.
  • Purchase orders must be accompanied by a portrait photo in an attachment not exceeding 2MB in size, which will serve to identify the Pass holder. Lack of a picture or use of a picture that hinders or prevents facial recognition (e.g. wearing sunglasses or a headdress which covers the face, etc.) for a pass may result in order cancellation.
  • The Purchaser may order a Pass for a third party. An individual in whose name a Pass order has been placed will be informed by e-mail that the Purchaser has disclosed their personal information within the order. The Purchaser may order more than one Pass.
  • Passes cannot be transferred to other individuals.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to conclude Pass sales at any time without further justification.
  • The Organizer does not accept returns of purchased Passes.

Pass Collection

  • A purchased pass may be picked up only by the person whose name appears on the pass.
  • You must present a valid government issued photo ID to pick up your Pass. A discounted Pass may only be picked-up by presenting a valid government-issued photo ID and the document entitling you to the discount. If Participant fails to present a club card, Organizer’s employee may refuse to issue a Pass, unless Participant pays the remaining amount due of the full Pass price.
  • Passes can be collected beginning November 9th (at 9.00 AM to 9.0 PM), in the Festival Centre located at the New Horizons Cinema (Kazimierza Wielkiego Str., 19a-21, Wrocław).
  • Duplicate Passes will not be issued.

Conditions of Festival Pass Use

  • The Pass is valid for the 12th American Film Festival held on 9-14.11.2021 r. in Wrocław at Kino Nowe Horyzonty and other festival facilities.
  • Each pass is programmed with 29 points (1 point equals 1 film screening) and entitles the holder to see a maximum of 26 screenings (which is the maximum possible number of films to see), provided there are seats available and the holder has made an appropriate online reservation for each screening.
  • A passholder may not reserve seats for more than one screening per time bloc on a given day. A time bloc is a set of screenings showing not more than 45 minutes apart. (e.g. 9:45 AM, 10 AM and 10:30 AM is a single time bloc).
  • The number of points on a pass allows for one absence without prior cancellation, for which three points are deducted from a passholder’s point total, and decreases the maximum number of screenings available with a given pass (for more information see the “bookings” tab).
  • Entry to a screening is possible only after making an online reservation. Festival opening and closing films also require online reservations.
  • To reserve festival seating, go to Details concerning making reservations are described in the “screening reservations” tab.
  • Passholders are entitled to discounts for special screenings and concerts if organizers make such available.
  • A passholder may reserve only one seat for a screening within a given time bloc.
  • Online reservations may be made beginning 8:30 AM on the day preceding the film screening. Availability of reservations for film screenings on November 9th and14th, 2021, will open on Novmber 9th at 8:30 AM. 
  • If you are unable to attend a previously reserved screening you should cancel the reservation prior to 15 minutes of the show time.
  • Failure to cancel your reservation prior to 15 minutes of the show time will result in deduction of three points from your festival pass.
  • No late arrivals will be admitted to festival screenings.


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