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Ticket prices

Ticket prices:

  • 26 PLN – single ticket for opening films and closing films
  • 23 PLN – single ticket
  • 20 PLN – single ticket for holders of the Cinema Friend’s Card and holders of the Premium URBANCARD (tickets available exclusively online)
  • 19 PLN  single ticket in the „5+ package,” that is 5 or more selected screenings
  • 18 PLN  single ticket in the "10+ package", that is 10 or more selected screenings


The 5+ and 10+ multi-pass tickets are assigned to a named purchaser, entitling you to purchase only one ticket during each specific time block. You cannot buy more than one ticket per time block on a given day. Screenings within 45 minutes of each other are considered a single time block (for example, screenings held on the same day at 12:30 PM, 12:45 PM, 1 PM and 1:15 PM are a single time block). You cannot buy new tickets at discounted prices after you leave the ticket office. A 5+ and 10+ multi-pass ticket entitles you to a discount on the purchase of tickets for special events indicated by the organizer. 5+ and 10+ multi-pass tickets do not entitle you to discounts for the opening films and closing films. A multi-pass ticket is valid together with an identification band. People buying tickets at festival ticket offices will receive bands along with purchased tickets. People who have purchased multi-pass tickets online can collect the band at the festival ticket office. The condition of participation in the screening is to have a band fastened on the wrist. People who do not have a fastened band will be asked to show a ticket along with an ID. Damage, loss or breaking of the band results in the expiration of the validity of a multiple ticket.

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