Tickets, Passes

Passes, tickets

Several convenient ticketing options are available at the American Film Festival. You can purchase a pass in advance, tickets for selected screenings (after the program has been announced) or an Open Ticket, which allows you to make last-minute decisions about which films to see. Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about passes, vouchers and tickets. For more information please contact us at

What is the difference between a festival pass and movie tickets?

The festival pass offers by far the most cost-effective and convenient way to attend the festival, if you plan to watch as many films as possible and want to flexibly reserve screenings (e.g. cancel screenings or change a reservation for another screening).

The pass is programmed with 29 points that allow you to attend a maximum of 26 screenings. One point equals one film screening if seating is available and you reserve the screening online.

Meanwhile, movie tickets guarantee entry to screening the ticket is for, while pass holders should be aware that other passholders may prior reserve seats for a given screening (the reservations are made in order online). Unlike passes, tickets are fully transferrable meaning you can give your ticket to other people in the event you cannot or do not wish to attend a screening.

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