Health and Sanitary Regulations

ph. Kaja Marchewka

Health and Sanitary Regulations of the 12th American Film Festival in Wrocław during the COVID-19 in Poland

§1 General Provisions
1. Film screenings (hereinafter: Screenings) are those taking place as part of the 12th American Film Festival in Wrocław (hereinafter: Festival) on November 9-14, 2021.

2. The organizer (hereinafter: Organizer) is the New Horizons Association with its registered seat in Warsaw on ul. Ludwika Zamenhofa 1, 00-153 Warsaw, entered in the register of associations, other social and professional organizations, foundations and independent public health care institutions and in the register of entrepreneurs maintained by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS number: 0000162000, NIP: 5252271014, REGON: 015503904.

3. The Screenings shall take place in Wrocław, at the New Horizons Cinema on ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 19a-21 and in other festivals locations indicates by the Organizer (hereinafter jointly referred to as "Cinemas" or individually as “Cinema”)

4. These Regulations define the detailed rules for participation in the Screenings held in the Cinemas and presence therein as resulting from the guidelines for organizers of cultural and entertainment events during the SARS-CoV-2 virus epidemic in Poland and guidelines for cinemas during the SARS-CoV-2 virus epidemic in Poland issued by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Ministry of Development and the Chief Sanitary Inspector (hereinafter "Guidelines"), available at: and

5. Each Participant shall comply with the provisions of these Regulations as well as follow recommendations of the Organizer and Festival staff.

§2 Coordinator for Health Matters
1. A health coordinator has been appointed for the safety of Festival audiences and employees. The coordinator’s tasks include ensuring all established procedures shall be followed as well as maintaining ongoing communication with a designated party from the relevant poviat sanitary-epidemiological station.

2. Viewers are asked to report to Festival employees any violations of these regulations in order for the employees to inform the coordinator for health matters.

§3 Conditions for Participation in the Screenings
1. Participation in the Screenings and presence in the Cinemas shall be allowed under the following conditions:

I Mandatory covering of the mouth and nose upon Cinema premises and in Cinema screening rooms or halls with the use of dedicated equipment: mask (provided by the participants on their own). If any person fails to comply with the above-mentioned obligation, the Organizer or a Cinema service employee shall have the right to refuse such person entry to the Cinemas as well as to request any such person leave the Cinema premises should they already be upon it. Refusal to grant entry or permission to remain in the Cinemas shall not limit the individual's rights provided for by applicable law.

II Maintain a minimum distance of 1,5 meters from other people when in the Cinemas.

III Upon entry to the Cinemas, individuals shall mandatorily be subject to disinfection and temperature checks. In the event of a reading of a temperature equal to or higher than 38 degrees Celsius, the Organizer may refuse an individual participation in the Screening and not allow her or him to remain in the Cinemas. Refusal to allow participation in the Screening shall not limit the participant's rights provided for by applicable law.

2. Upon entry to the Cinema screening hall, entrants shall again undergo disinfection. In the Cinemas, viewers shall use the following, provided by the Organizer:
-   hand sanitizers;
-   dedicated containers for used personal protective equipment;
-   hand washing instructions according to Main Sanitary Inspectorate recommendations;
-   contactless paper towel dispensers;

3. Each participant shall submit an electronic or written declaration that, to the best of her or his knowledge, she or he is not an infected person and is not under quarantine or under epidemiological supervision.

4. It is recommended that only families with young children, people with disabilities, the elderly and pregnant women use the elevators. 

5. We recommend the use of electronic passes, accreditations and tickets on mobile devices. 

6. It is strictly mandatory to follow Cinema staff instructions, especially with respect to controlling audience flow. 

7. It is necessary to arrive for a Screening with adequate time reserve in relation to the Screening start time (not earlier than 65 minutes prior to the Screening). Latecomers will not be admitted after a given Screening has started. 

§4 Deposit
No cloakrooms will be available in the Cinemas.
§5 Ticket Sales
1. Tickets shall be sold online via the American Film Festival website.

2. Tickets shall be sold pursuant to terms set out in the Regulations for the purchase of passes and tickets for events via the American Film Festival available website at:

3. During the purchase, it is necessary to provide your name, surname and contact email address. This data shall be collected in accordance with the Guidelines and stored by the Organizer for 2 (two) weeks in order to inform about any possible contact with an infected individual.

4. Please contact the Organizer in the event you are unable to purchase a ticket online. 

§6 Final Provisions
1. It is recommended to follow the information of the Chief Sanitary Inspector and the Minister of Health, available in English at, and also available in Russian and Ukrainian.

2. These Regulations are available at the Organiser's office, at the Cinemas and on the Festival website:

3. The organizer reserves the right to change these regulations at any time, provided that the change shall not limit the acquired rights of participants, except when the change in the regulations is dictated by a change in the Guidelines. Any changes shall be made public on Festival websites and in the Cinemas.

4. The Regulations shall apply from September, 28th and remain in force until further notice.

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