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Moving images on cinema screens, static images in gallery space: during the 14th American Film Festival, we take care of all states of good visual experiences. We encourage you to feast your eyes on unique art between screenings at the partner Krupa Gallery and at Galeria u Agatki, where you can admire Cykady (Cicadas) – an exhibition of Kasia Jodlowsky’s works.

Krupa Gallery and Krupa Art Foundation

Krupa Gallery focuses on highlighting the current condition of the contemporary young art scene in Poland and Eastern Europe by representing diverse groups of emerging artists with an emphasis on socially engaged themes. It seeks to be an international platform actively supporting collaboration between artists and curators. We also recommend to vist Krupa Art Foundation which is an independent centre devoted to contemporary art. While operating from Wrocław, it promotes new phenomena in art mainly from Poland and Central Europe, presents exhibitions and projects devoted to contemporary art and culture in Poland and abroad, expanding the field of artistic experimentation. An important aspect of the Foundation’s mission is to disseminate knowledge about art through educational activities, debates, and lectures about contemporary culture.


Krupa Gallery
Księcia Witolda 48/70 street, 8th floor

Krupa Art Foundation
Rynek 27/28 (Market Square)

Cykady (Cicades) exhibition | Galeria u Agatki

Kasia Jodlowski, known as the fearless volunteer coordinator of the American Film Festival, this time in the role of an artist. At Galeria u Agatki (wyspa Tamka 2) you can admire an exhibition of works created by Kasia.

For an artist, a highly sensitive person who works in the presence of music every day; in situation, where silence is an important element and carries a lot of tension and expectation; the presence of the sound of cicadas is totally overpowering. Rhythm, repetition, transience, the audiosphere of time and place, like Imaginary Landscape (John Cage), were written on paper and created a cycle. The Cykady (Cicada) Cycle.

“I gave the sounds a chance to stay with me for a longer time. I gave them and myself attention, at a specific moment and context” – Kasia Jodlowski

Cicadas make this characteristic sound (male mating song) when the air temperature reaches the appropriate value – above 20°C; their singing lasts until sunset, when they fall silent irregularly, as if each of them were separate, and slow down. The sound strength of the “chorus” of a group of these insects often exceeds 100 dB. They have as strong an impact on the space of hot June days as the sun’s rays. Sound signals are in an irregular synchronization and “asynchronization” loop (inphase/out phase), canceling or amplifying each other. The exhibition is accompanied by an audiosphere by Pierre Jodlowski.

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