How to become a volunteer at AFF?

Filling out the application form (available on www.americanfilmfestival.pl) and sending it to us is enough to become a volunteer.  Before filling out the application, one should log in to www.americanfilmfestival.pl. Filling out and sending the form is not an automatic entitlement for a volunteer service. An acceptance decision will be taken by the festival organisers after they have familiarised themselves with all the received applications. 
The dates for the start of the volunteer recruitment process:

the start: Seprember 18, noon  
the end: October 6, midnight  
the results: October 14, after noon

Submit an application to become a volunteer

What should one remember when filling out the application form?

Because of the very nature of the event, full availability and its exact defining is extremely important for us. That is why when filling out the form people should remember that volunteers will work in two shifts during AFF. Possible obligations at school should be taken into account.

Can a minor become a volunteer?

A minor who is 16 years old can be a volunteer; yet, they should submit a written permission from their parents or guardians.

Parental consent AFF

What does volunteering at AFF look like? What are the benefits of working as a volunteer?

Volunteer’s work during AFF will be a unique and interesting experience which enables volunteers to meet with many interesting film creators. Participation in the volunteering is an unforgettable occasion for young people to improve their abilities and gain new experiences thanks to their contribution in the festival. A volunteers’ contribution to an efficient organisation of the festival is extremely important; the same can be said of their involvement in the contribution to a friendly atmosphere during the festival.

We need volunteers to help with the service of screening films in the Nowe Horyzonty Cinema (Kazimierz Wielkiego Str). Help is also needed as far as the festival artistic setting, service of customers and viewers, and service of Press Office and festival competition are concerned. A volunteer will work according to the established schedule in the shift system and under a guardian’s direction. Volunteering rules will be precisely defined in detail in the agreement between a volunteer and the New Horizons association. In addition, the rules will be discussed during an organisation meeting which will be held before starting the volunteering work of the festival.

When does a volunteer's work start and end?

The date of the beginning of volunteer’s work depends on the section in which they will work: press office (November 4-11), pass holder help desk (November 4-11), customer service office (November 4-11), viewer service in cinema (November 5-11), festival competitions service (November 5-11).

When filling out the application, we kindly request that you write what time you are available and in which section would you like to work. After receiving an acceptance of an application, volunteers will be informed about the date of the work and the scope of their duties. As volunteers of AFF you should always, everywhere care about the positive image of the festival, and help all customers and participants regardless of which section you belong to.

Does the organiser cover the expanses of a volunteer's insurance, transport, accommodation, and food?

Unfortunately, volunteers must cover their own expenses for transportation, accommodation, and food. The organiser only provides liability and accident insurance.

How to receive the volunteer certificate?

When filling out the application, please inform the Organiser about requesting a volunteer certificate. If you mark this option, a volunteer certificate will be sent to you by mail no more than two months after the ending of the festival.
All questions concerning the volunteering please send to wolontariat@snh.org.pl

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