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Festival passholders and individuals with accreditations may reserve seats online for select screenings.This ensures each pass and accreditation holder knows beforehand which screenings. This ensures each pass and accreditation holder knows beforehand which screenings they can attend, without the risk of not being admitted to the screening. The basic rules and regulations of the booking system are presented below.


Each pass is programmed with 29 points. One point equals one reserved film screening. During the festival, it is possible to see a total of 26 screenings (depending on seating availability and making prior online reservations).

When and how to book screenings

Bookings are necessary to be admitted to the screenings. For the screenings scheduled for November 7th and 8th, first bookings can be made starting at 8:30 AM on 7th November for the screenings scheduled for 7th and 8th November. Bookings for the successive days can be made from 8:30 AM on the day before your planned screenings, starting from 8th November. For example, if you plan to attend a screening on 10th November, you can book it no earlier than on 9th November at 8:30 AM.

Bookings can be made until the screening starts via a simple booking system available at on any smartphone, tablet or computer, whether at home or at work, at any place where you can access the internet. Reservations can also be made between screenings using a mobile device (free WiFi is available at the New Horizons Cinema, located at 19a-21 Kazimierza Wielkiego Street in Wrocław).

Do I need to make an online booking for the opening and closing films?

Yes, you are obliged to make an online booking also for the opening and/or closing films.
For the screenings scheduled for 7th November, bookings can be made from 8:30 AM on 7th November.

Booking cancellations

You must use the reservation system to properly cancel a film screening reservation. To be effective, cancellations must be made at least 15 minutes before the official screening time. Failure to cancel a reservation and a subsequent absence at a screening will result in deduction of 3 points from your festival pass. Although it is possible to see a maximum of 26 films (provided seats are available), each pass is programmed with 29 points. We allow for the situation where a passholder may forget to cancel a reservation once. The additional 3 points allows the passholder to miss one screening without prior cancellation, without impacting the maximum number of screenings available. To cancel a reservation, simply click again on the reserved screening time at

Login and password

You need a login and a password to make and manage your bookings. If you already have an account on and you have made a purchase or a reservation via the website, your login and password remain the same. If you don't have an account or you have it but your festival pass was purchased by another person, your login will be sent to your email address no later than 4 days before the festival starts. This login will be automatically generated and will be printed also on your pass. Upon your first logging in to the festival website, you will be asked to enter your password which is known to anyone but you. Upon your first logging in you can also provide your mobile number, which can be helpful in case you forget your password. Please remember that your login is printed on your pass and the password is known only to you.

Link your accounts

If your 8-character code to log in was automatically generated but you already have another account previously opened in the festival system and you prefer to use the an already existing account, the system allows you to link them. To do so, please log in to one of your accounts and click on the "link accounts" option and follow the instructions. When the process is finalised, you can log in to any of your accounts to make and manage your bookings. This functionality can be particularly useful in particular when you have already made your private screening schedule using special tags and you wish to see your tags in the current booking system. Logins that are automatically generated tend to be difficult to remember hence using your own login can make the booking process easier and faster.

Password change

If you have forgotten your password, you can always easily reset it. Please use "forgot your password?" option available in the booking system. If you provided your mobile phone number and/or email address, an automatically generated SMS and/or email with a code to change your password will be sent. Then follow the provided instructions. Upon showing your festival pass, the staff will have your account reset to create your own new password. You can also use the "claims/requests" option and submit your request to reset your password directly to the booking system operator.

Claims and requests

If you have any questions regarding the booking system or remarks on its functionality, please send us your inquiry using the "claims/requests" option which you can find in the booking system. Using this option, you can report us a situation in which – in your opinion – the system unfairly subtracted 3 points from your pass for not cancelling your booking.


No late admissions to festival screenings are allowed and no exceptions are made. At the exact hour of the screening start time, festival box offices begin ticket sales for the seats made available by booking cancellations, including these caused by late arrivals.

Lost your pass?

If you have lost your pass, please report it immediately at the Festival Centre located at the New Horizons Cinema (19a-21 Kazimierza Wielkiego Street, Wrocław). If you experience any other problems related to using your pass, please inform our staff as well.


Tags allow you to organize your own screening schedule. You can add a tag of a chosen color to each film by clicking on the tag option.
Tag colors refer to:

  • green – yes, I plan to watch this film
  • yellow – not sure / alternatively
  • red – I have already seen this film / not going

You can also mark single screenings with chosen tags. Besides, you can add a short note about the film. Other users of the booking system may see your notes if you leave an option "Share tag" on. You can also see how many tags of which color have already been added by other users to particular films. Films that you have tagged are highlighted while you browse the screening schedule. It is also possible to see the list of your tagged films by clicking on the option "My films". You must be logged in to add tags.

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