Alex Lehmann, USA 2022, 87’
international premiere

Thomas Haden Church and Dianna Agron in a meditative story about facing loneliness, worry about parents getting old and a melancholic longing for the simplicity of childhood. The director of the great Blue Jay now presents a film about a different kind of love. Acidman premiered at the Tribeca Festival.

Thomas Haden Church is one of cinema’s most underrated actors. (...) In the film, Dianna Agron stars as Maggie, the beleaguered daughter of Church’s character. Maggie lost touch with her father years ago following a mysterious falling out. What is more peculiar is why, after all this time, she’s decided to track him down by traveling over 2,000 miles toward his secluded neck of the woods.

‘Acidman’ Review: Thomas Haden Church Gives Best Performance of His Career in This Undercooked Drama (

Magdalena Maksimiuk

Alex Lehmann

A narrative and documentary filmmaker, Alex Lehmann's films include Netflix's dramatic comedies Paddleton and Blue Jay, as well as the upcoming Meet Cute starring Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson. His HBO docu-series, On Tour with Asperger's Are Us is an extrapolation of his original feature doc Asperger's Are Us.


2016 Asperger’s Are Us (doc.)

2016 Blue Jay

2019 Paddleton

2022 Acidman

2022 Meet Cute

Cast & Crew

director Alex Lehmann
screenplay Alex Lehmann, Chris Dowling
cinematography John Matysiak
editing Courtney Ware
music Christopher French
cast Dianna Agron, Thomas Haden Church, Sameerah Luqmaan-Harris
producer Dianna Agron, Christian Agypt, Liz Cardenas, Alex Lehmann
production Manageable Monkey, Carte Blanche, OneWorld Entertainment
sales Liz Cardenas
language English
coloration colour
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