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Gregg Araki, USA, France 2010, 86’

Kaboom, the latest production from Gregg Araki, is a hallucinogenic combination of sci-fi with elements of magic, college gay and straight porn, a touch of surrealism, served on a bed of conspiracy theory with a side of fabulously artificial dialogues that only low-budget flicks can offer. The New Queer Cinema classic director returns with a feature that blows readers minds like an atom bong. The story is both simple and complex in presenting the trials of a 19-year-old student who undresses (with his eyes and hands) beautiful boys and tempting girls, while unusual things go on in the background: bodies disappear, murderers abound with animal masks, and wiccans terrorize their ex-girlfriends in a delirious and sexy old school festival of excess. Kaboom is the hit of this year’s Cannes Festival, reviewed as a break-neck mix of Buffy, Twin Peaks and Donni Darko.

Ewa Szabłowska


Cannes IFF 2010 – Queer Palm

Gregg Araki

Born in 1959 in California, independent director and central figure of new queer cinema. In 1987, Araki shot his debut, Three Bewildered People in the Night, for $5000, about a romance between an artist, his girlfriend and their gay friend. His is renowned for the Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy, consisting of Totally F***ed Up, The Doom Generation and Nowhere – called by its director Beverly Hills, 90210 episode on acid. Araki’s most critically acclaimed and serious film is Mysterious Skin, an adaptation of Scott Heim’s novel, which embraces the difficult topic of pedophilia and its effects on adult life in a non-standard way.

Selected filmography

1987 Three Bewildered People in the Night

1993 Totally F***ed Up

1995 Doom Generation – stracone pokolenie / The Doom Generation

1997 Donikąd / Nowhere

2000 This Is How the World Ends (TV)

2004 Zły dotyk / Mysterious Skin

2007 Ciastko z niespodzianką / Smiley Face

2010 Kaboom

Cast & Crew

director Gregg Araki
screenplay Gregg Araki
cinematography Sandra Valde-Hansen
editing Alex Blatt
music Vivek Maddala
cast Thomas Dekker, Haley Bennett, Juno Temple, James Duval, Chris Zylka, Andy Fischer-Price, Kelly Lynch, Brennan Mejia, Carlo Mendez
producer Gregg Araki, Sebastien Lemercier, Andrea Sperling, Pavlina Hatoupis
production Crispy Films, Desperate Pictures, Graveyard Machine, The Next World, Why Not Productions
sales Wild Bunch
language English
coloration colour
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