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Easy Rider

James Benning, USA 2012, 95’

In this structuralist road film in search of modern counterculture, Benning takes audiences on a road trip through poor provincial America down the path once travelled in the eponymous classic hippie movie. The director substitutes original Easy Rider scenes with single takes shot in the same location (though he admits to cheating a bit sometimes, much like Dennis Hopper). The natural background noise crackles with fragments of the original’s soundtrack and Benning’s replica is filled with references characteristic of his work: political revolution, working class experiences, finding your place and autonomy, as well as to his prior films such as11 x 14, RR, One Way Boogie Woogie.  

James Benning

James Benning was born in 1942 in a working class family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. An athletic scholarship enabled him graduate with a degree in mathematics. Benning graduated from film school at the age of 33 and over his subsequent 40-year career made over 25 feature-length documentary films. Since the 1980s, he has lived in California where he is a lecturer at the California Institute for the Arts.  
Selected filmography
1984 American Dreams: Lost and Found (dok. / doc.) 1991 North on Evers (dok. / doc.) 1998 UTOPIA (dok. / doc.) 2005 One Way Boogie Woogie (dok. / doc.) 2011 Faces (dok. / doc.) 2011 20 Papierosów / Twenty Cigarettes (dok. / doc.) 2011 Zmierzch / Nightfall (dok. / doc.) 2012 Stemple Pass (dok. / doc.) 2012 Easy Rider (dok. / doc.)

Cast & Crew

director James Benning
screenplay James Benning
cinematography James Benning
editing James Benning
music Sadie Benning, Suzy Soundz, Chan Marshall, The Sibleys
producer James Benning
production James Benning
sales James Benning
language English
coloration colour
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