Tired Moonlight

Britni West, USA 2015, 78’

Tired Moonlight is a cinematic collage of small-town life in Montana. Director Britni West revisits her hometown of Kalispell through loosely related fictional episodes of residents' lives. The film walks the line between fiction and observational documentary where West shows the city's day and night life, with people at work, kids at play, sporting events and festivals. Outtakes from the lives of several people develop in parallel plots, while the camera lingers longer on some faces. One of those characters is Dawn, who has gotten back together with her boyfriend from years ago, while the emotions of single mother Sarah go topsy-turvy. From between the frames seeps a weakness of men incapable of committing to anything paralleled by the strength of women. If you're looking for romantic or socially engaged film, you'll be disappointed; Tired Moonlight has nothing in common with those genres, offering instead an atmospheric impression of provincial America.


Slamdance FF 2015 – Best Film; Sarasota FF 2015 – Best Cinematography; Montclaire FF 2015 – Special Award

Britni West

The director works from Minneapolis and New York. She has made a number of short films. Tired Moonlight, her feature debut, was shot in her hometown, Kalispell in Montana.


2015 Zmęczony księżyc / Tired Moonlight

Cast & Crew

director Britni West
screenplay Britni West, Paul Dickinson, Liz Randall, Hillary Berg, Rainleigh Vick, Alex Karpovsky, Charles Smith, Nick Stockton, Stephen Gurewitz
cinematography Adam Ginsberg
editing Britni West, Adam Ginsberg
music Paul Grimstad, Jake Sullivan
cast Liz Randall, Paul Dickson, Hillary Berg, Rainleigh Vick, Alex Karpovsky, Charles Smith, Nick Stockton
producer Britni West
sales Britni West
language English
coloration colour
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