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Chef, dir. Jon Favreau

Special Screenings

In a world racing at a frenetic pace, full of sudden and unexpected movements, sometimes we all need a moment of respite. This section is your haven. Here, you’ll find what is lasting, timeless, and consistently outstanding – cult classics. The program in this section is enhanced by a special screening of Chef, accompanied by an event under the banner of DelicioUS! – a presentation of delectable American dishes and refreshments.

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4 films

Jon Favreau / USA 2014 / 110’
Sa 11 Nov, 16:00knh 6
DelicioUS! Quality American foods
Days of Heaven
Terrence Malick / USA 1978 / 94’
Th 09 Nov, 10:00knh 8
Fr 10 Nov, 18:30knh 7
Return to Reason
Man Ray / France 2023 / 70’
Fr 10 Nov, 19:30knh 9
Sa 11 Nov, 16:00knh 9
The Wizard of Oz
Victor Fleming / USA 1939 / 98’
We 08 Nov, 13:00knh 9
Sa 11 Nov, 10:00knh 9
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