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Booger, dir. Mary Dauterman

Midnight Indies

An extension of Halloween, or a frighteningly good selection of thriller stories. Horror, in an American Film Festival manner, invariably possesses an auteurist slant, and the thriller or horror film serves here as a key to gaining better understanding of the modern American psyche. Plus, it’s great fun, of course.

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Mary Dauterman / USA 2023 / 78’
Th 09 Nov, 18:30knh 4
Filmmakers Q&A
Sa 11 Nov, 21:30knh 4
Filmmakers Q&A
Jason Cortlund, Julia Halperin / USA 2023 / 91’
Fr 10 Nov, 21:00knh 4
Filmmakers Q&A
Sa 11 Nov, 12:45knh 5
Filmmakers Q&A
Falling Stars
Gabriel Bienczycki, Richard Karpala / USA 2023 / 80’
We 08 Nov, 22:30knh 8
Filmmakers Q&A
Th 09 Nov, 21:15knh 8
Filmmakers Q&A
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