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The Pez Outlaw

Amy Bandlien Storkel, Bryan Storkel, USA 2022, 87’
Polish premiere
Riotsville, USA

When the world’s most notorious smuggler of collectible PEZ dispensers rebels against corporate greed millions are at stake in this stunning documentary that spans two continents.

Thus is told the tale of the Pez Outlaw, Amy Bandlien Storkel and Bryan Storkel’s wry, genre-bending, highly entertaining look at a fascinating subculture. Steve Glew is the glue that holds the narrative together, one strung from recreations acted out by the individuals themselves, detailing dastardly deeds that helped upend an international market and made for more than a few to both gain and lose a fortune.

The Pez Outlaw Review: A Candy-Coated Caper (

Jakub Demiańczuk


  • SXSW 2022 - Special Jury Recognition
  • Minneapolis St. Paul IFF 2022 - Best Documentary Special Mention
  • Freep FF 2022 - Best of Festival
  • Nantucket FF 2022 - Adrienne Shelley Excellence in Filmmaking Award
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Th 10 Nov, 12:45knh 2
Fr 11 Nov, 15:45knh 2
Su 13 Nov, 21:30knh 2
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Amy Bandlien Storkel, Bryan Storkel

Amy Bandlien Storkel and Bryan Storkel are a director-producer duo known for their sports and social documentaries and other films produced with ESPN, HBO and Netflix. They produced the Emmy-nominated Legend of a Cocaine Island (2018) and the award-winning Alabama  Snake (2020). The Pez Outlaw is their first joint directing effort.


2022 PEZ-tępca. Wyjęty spod prawa / The Pez Outlaw (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Amy Bandlien Storkel, Bryan Storkel
screenplay Amy Bandlien Storkel, Bryan Storkel
cinematography Britton Foster
editing Amy Bandlien Storkel, Bryan Storkel, Evan Vetter
music Michael James Lee
cast Steve Glew
producer Amy Bandlien Storkel, Bryan Storkel
production Sidestilt
sales Bryan Storkel
language English
coloration colour
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