Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable

Aaron Lieber, USA 2018, 100’

Bethany began surfing at an early age. Her bio is the story of a   wunderkind. At the age of eight, she took part in her first competition, where she won several awards. Bethany's parents were also surfers, but she always had an exceptional feeling for waves, something that even the most experienced competitors envied her for. At the age of 13, she lost an arm after being attacked by a 4-meter-long shark. She returned to the water a few months later. Aaron Lieber follows Bethany, who as an adult is still trying to compete with the best, often taking part in competitions as a wildcard entrant. She fights like a lioness so as not to fall behind the women she started her career with. At the same time, she has started a family and given birth to a child. Her biggest dream is to one day conquer that one and only wave. Apart from the unique story, Lieber's film has also been attracting attention for its visual aspect: from family photos and amateur attempts to photograph the elements to unforgettable professional images of the ocean.

Joanna Ostrowska

Aaron Lieber

Born in 1986, Aaron Lieber is a director, cinematographer and editor. He studied Communications at   California State University, Long Beach. He has worked in the advertising industry for companies that include Nike, Jeep, Lifeproof and Samsung. In 2015, he won a Red Digital Cinema at REDirect Surf. He is the owner and creator of Lieber Films, a production company based in San Clemente.


2008 The Pursuit (doc.)

2013 Lakey Peterson: Zero to 100 (doc.)

2018 Niepowstrzymana Bethany Hamilton / Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Aaron Lieber
screenplay Carol Martori, Aaron Lieber
cinematography Aaron Lieber
editing Carol Martori
music Kris Bowers
cast Bethany Hamilton, Adam Dirks, Alana Blanchard Carissa Moore, Coco Ho, Kelly Slater
producer Penny Edmiston, Jane Kelly Kosek
production Submarine
sales Lieber Films
language English
coloration colour
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