Silent Twins and other songs. Concert Zuzanna Wrońska feat. Igor Nikiforow

Silent Twins i inne piosenki. Koncert Zuzanna Wrońska feat. Igor Nikiforow
Nina Menkes Masterclass Teoniki Rożynek Concert

What’s on the minds of the three different women?

Come and listen to their stories told in a concert with songs from the movie Silent Twins and more. In a program prepared exclusively for the American Film Festival in Wroclaw you will see on stage Zuzanna Wrońska (Ballady i Romanse) and Igor Nikiforow (Jerzy Igor). Their collaboration began with a mini-musical Święta Kluska directed by the same Agnieszka Smoczyńska, and currently they are working on a solo album by Zuzanna that Igor is producing.

Zuzanna Wrońska is a singer-songwriter, co-author of the soundtrack for the films The Lure and Silent Twins. Igor Nikiforow is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, writes for theatre. He created the band Jerzy Igor. He was awarded Fryderyk 2021 (Polish Music Award, with Błażej Król) for the Best New Performance.


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