Teoniki Rożynek Concert

Koncert Teoniki Rożynek
Silent Twins and other songs. Concert Zuzanna Wrońska feat. Igor Nikiforow The discussion panel: Is the other gaze possible?

~ come run the hidden pine trails of the forest ~


40 zł / 30 zł – discount for the 13th AFF passes, accreditations and tickets holders

Teoniki Rożynek

Composer, born in 1991 in Krakow. Lives in Warsaw. She creates both instrumental, electroacoustic and electronic music. She plays violin, electronics and waste. Her works have been performed at various festivals, including the Warsaw Autumn, Musica Electronica Nova, Sacrum Profanum, Unsound, Containerclang (Cologne) or Bedingo International Festival of Exploratory Music.

She collaborated on film productions (Tower. Jany Dzień dir. Jagoda Szelc, Sole dir. Carlo Sironi, Prime Time dir. Jakub Piątek), theater performances (Hymn do Love dir. Marta Górnicka (Best Music at the 10th Komedia), November directed by Tomasz Węgorzewski (distinction at the 3rd edition of the Klasyka Żywa festival)), TV shows (Słabi, directed by A. Biedrzycki (award for music at Teatroteka Fest 2019) and performances (Chorus from the “The Ark of Covenant” Katarzyna Kozyra).

She is a graduate of the FCUM in Warsaw in the composition class of Krzysztof Baculewski.

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