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My Summer Vacation

Kelly O’Sullivan, USA 2022, 8'30’
Jethica Palm Trees and Power Lines

An elementary school student, Cass, gives an unorthodox presentation on her summer vacation in Pompeii.

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Fr 11 Nov, 15:30knh 7
Filmmakers Q&A
Sa 12 Nov, 15:30knh 7
Filmmakers Q&A
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Cast & Crew

director Kelly O’Sullivan
screenplay Kelly O’Sullivan
cast Jameson Braccioforte, Hanna Dworkin, Maya Hemphill, Evie Hsu, Evelyn Johnson, Isabella Ouellette, Xavi Perez, Aimee Plahn, Olivia Pollock, Cole Ramirez, Josie Wang-Warren, Ramona Williams, Noah Williams
producer Pierce Cravens, Edwin Linker, Susan Linker, Shane Simmons, Alex Thompson
sales Elevated Films
language English
coloration colour
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