What Doesn't Float

Luca Balser, USA 2023, 70’
International premiere
The Sweet East You & I

Luca Balser’s short stories are immersed in dark humor, a bit of creative madness, and the dense atmosphere of New York, the setting for each of the film’s seven plots, starring, among others, Pauline Chalamet (The Sex Life of College Girls), who is also the co-producer.

‘What Doesn’t Float’ Review: New Yorkers Reach Their Breaking Points in a Fun Anthology We’ve Seen Many Times Before (IndieWire)

Magdalena Bartczak

Luca Balser

Luca Balser is a director and film producer who also has extensive experience as an editor. In the latter role, he worked, among others, on Josh and Benny Safdie's Uncut Gems and many short films. He currently lives in New York and co-owns the production company GUMMY Films. What Doesn't Float, which premiered at this year's Lighthouse International Film Festival, is his directorial debut. 


2023 Jak kamień w wodę / What Doesn't Float

Cast & Crew

director Luca Balser
screenplay Shauna Fitzgerald
cinematography Matt Clegg, Charlotte Dupré, Sean Price Williams, Hunter Zimny
editing Luca Balser
music Luca Balser, Samuel Weissberg
cast Pauline Chalamet, Larry Fessenden, Roger Howarth, Alexandra Templer, Lily Sondik, Mirlande Amazan, Joel Nagle
producer Pauline Chalamet, Rachel Walden
production Gummy Films
sales Utopia
language English
coloration colour
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