A Wedding

Robert Altman, USA 1978, 125’
no English subtitles
3 Women Come Back to the 5 & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

When two families meet at a wedding – a Southern nouveau-riche uncouth clan with Northern though impoverished aristocrats – it makes for a film full of irony, tragedy, moral observations, and, ultimately, an unparalleled description of hypocrisy. It features 48 characters including the veteran icon Lillian Gish as a senior of the family.

Rafał Syska


San Sebastián IFF 1978 - Best Actress (Carol Burnett)

Robert Altman

Distinguished director, screenwriter and producer Robert Altman was born in 1925 and died in 2006 having made several dozen cinema and television films. The breakthrough in his career came with the anti-war satire  MASH, in which he presented a community in typical Altman style that characterises his very best work – based on episodic narration and innovative montage of image and sound. Altman often uses irony to show how society’s traditional roles, social conventions and cultural myths condition people.

Selected filmography

1970 MASH

1975 Nashville

1977 Trzy kobiety / 3 Women

1992 Gracz / The Player

1993 Na skróty / Short Cuts

2001 Gosford Park

Cast & Crew

director Robert Altman
screenplay John Considine, Patricia Resnick, Robert Altman, Allan Nicholls
cinematography Charles Rosher
editing Tony Lombardo
music John Hotchkis
cast Amy Stryker, Desi Arnaz Jr., Carol Burnett, Paul Dooley, Vittorio Gassman, Nina Van Pallandt, Lillian Gish, Mia Farrow, Geraldine Chaplin, John Cromwell
producer Robert Altman
production Lion’s Gate Films (Twentieth Century Fox)
sales Park Circus
language English
coloration colour
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