Irene Lusztig, USA 2023, 93’
Polish premiere
King Coal The New Americans: Gaming a Revolution

Richland, the location of the Manhattan Project, still lives in the shadow of the atomic bomb; for some it is a symbol of US power, for others it is a source of shame. The director talks to three generations of Richland residents to see how the events of 80 years ago reflect in politics, art, and relationships.

‘Richland’ Review: A Sensitive Portrait of the American Dream and the Fallout of a Nuclear Legacy (Hollywood Reporter)

Jakub Demiańczuk

Irene Lusztig

Irene Lusztig is a documentary film director, archivist, and feminist activist. Born in the UK and raised in Boston, she is the daughter of Romanian immigrants who left during Ceaușescu’s rule. Lusztig is a Guggenheim Foundation and Fulbright scholar. Her films, often based on insightful archival research, explore links between the past, contemporary politics and ideology, especially in the context of individual and collective memory. Her projects screened at the Tribeca festival as well as in Berlin and Tel Aviv, among others. Lusztig’s Reconstruction won an award for at the San Francisco IFF.


1998 For Beijing with Love and Squalor

2002 Reconstruction

2005 The Samantha Smith Project

2013 The Motherhood Archives

2014 Maternity Test (short)

2018 Siostrzeństwo / Yours in Sisterhood

2021 Contents Inventory (short)

2023 Richland 

Cast & Crew

director Irene Lusztig
screenplay Irene Lusztig
cinematography Helki Frantzen
editing Irene Lusztig
music Maile Costa Colbert
producer Sara Archambault, Irene Lusztig
production Komsomol Films, Arch + Bow Films, The deNovo Initiative
sales Archandbow Films
language English
coloration colour
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