Lousy Carter

Bob Byington, USA 2023, 75’
Polish premiere
I Used to Be Funny Manodrome

Lousy (David Krumholtz, recently seen in Oppenheimer) is lousy: lousy boyfriend, lousy teacher, lousy neighbor. Now he learns he has no more than six months to live. Nothing goes as expected in the latest comedy from Bob Byington. Can one fail in dying, too?

Lousy Carter (

Adam Kruk

Bob Byington

Bob Byington is an American director and screenwriter who lives in Austin, Texas. He debuted in 1996 with Shameless. His later films, Somebody Up There Likes Me and Harmony and Me are often considered part of the mumblecore genre, though Byington seems to disagree. Since his Somebody Up There Likes Me won an award at the Locarno Festival in 2012, he’s been showing his films there ever since. Just as in Wrocław, where his 7 Chinese Brothers (6th AFF), Infinity Baby (7th AFF) or Frances Ferguson (9th AFF) all made a splash.

Selected filmography

2009 Harmony i ja / Harmony and Me

2015 Siedmiu chińskich braci / 7 Chinese Brothers

2017 Dziecko przyszłości / Infinity Baby

2019 Frances Ferguson

2023 Kiepski Carter / Lousy Carter

Cast & Crew

director Bob Byington
screenplay Bob Byington
cinematography Carmen Hilbert, Lauren Pruitt
editing Kris Boustedt
music Leafcuts
cast David Krumholtz, Martin Starr, Olivia Thirlby, Jocelyn DeBoer, Stephen Root
producer Bob Byington, Chris McKenna
production Americano Brutto
sales Lousy C LLC
language English
coloration colour
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