Against All Enemies

Charlie Sadoff, USA 2023, 106’
European premiere
Black Barbie: A Documentary

Why would former US Marines support far-right militias? This chilling documentary examines groups like the Proud Boys and the organizational roles played by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. The 2021 attack on the Capitol was just a prelude to what is potentially coming.

‘Against All Enemies’ Review: A Potent View of American Extremism On the Rise (Variety)

Jakub Demiańczuk

Charlie Sadoff

Charlie Sadoff is an American producer, editor, and screenwriter. He directs commercials and public service campaigns, including Hire a Vet, encouraging the employment of military veterans. Charlie has worked for Miramax and HBO. Against All Enemies is his directorial debut.


2023 Przeciwko wszystkim wrogom / Against All Enemies 

Cast & Crew

director Charlie Sadoff
screenplay Kenneth Harbaugh, Sebastian Junger, Charlie Sadoff
cinematography Michael Flanagan
editing Nick Clark
music Stephanie Kowal, Hyun Seo-won
producer Kenneth Harbaugh, Sebastian Junger, Charlie Sadoff
production Mighty Pictures
sales Submarine Entertainment | Submarine Deluxe
language English
coloration colour
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