Metal Myths: Ghost Pt. 2

Alex Ross Perry, USA 2022, 28'51’
Paul Schrader: Man in a Room The Sweet East

According to official sources, Ghost is a heavy metal band formed in 2008 in Linköping, Sweden. Revelations revealed in the mockumentary Metal Myths: Ghost Pt. 2 claim, however, that the truth is far more remarkable, and the group has been causing scandals since the days of Charles Manson.

Piotr Czerkawski

Alex Ross Perry

Born in 1984 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, Alex Ross Perry is a film director, screenwriter, and actor. He is a graduate of the film faculty at New York University. After graduation, he worked for two years at a video rental company in the East Village, where he met many of his later collaborators, including cinematographer Sean Price Williams. In 2009, he directed Impolex, his full-length debut, inspired by Thomas Pynchon's iconic Gravity's Rainbow. His later films screened at the world's leading festivals, such as Sundance, Berlinale, and Locarno IFF. In addition to films, he also regularly directs music videos.

Selected filmography

2009 Impolex

2011 Paleta barw / The Color Wheel

2014 Do ciebie, Philipie / Listen Up Philip

2015 Królowa Ziemi / Queen of Earth

2017 Złote wyjście / Golden Exits

2018 Her Smell

2020 Paul Schrader: Man in a Room (short doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Alex Ross Perry
screenplay Alex Ross Perry
cinematography Robert Kolodny
editing Robert Kolodny
music Ghost
cast Justin Andrews, Theodore Bouloukos, Lindsay Burdge, Ben Hosley, Griffin Newman
producer Craig Butta
production House of Nod
language English
coloration colour
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