American Podkast podcast listeners get-together

Spotkanie ze słuchaczami Podkastu amerykańskiego
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We invite you to a Q&A session with Łukasz Pawłowski and Piotr Tarczyński, the duo hosting the “Podkast amerykański” (“American podcast”), the most popular podcast in Poland devoted to American politics, history and social issues.

Pawłowski and Tarczyński have been cooperating with AFF for several years, reviewing selected documentaries shown at the festival, and this year they will also be available to you. If you have questions about the contemporary United States, want to know what to read and watch in order to understand better changes in American society, or simply want to share your thoughts about American politics and history, join us!

Admission to the event is free, subject to availability.

There is no need to buy separate tickets or download passes, or to reserve seats as part of passes and accreditations.

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