Adele Romanski Masterclass

Alex Ross Perry Masteclass & Secret Screening

Adele Romanski is a producer whose professional choices have shaped the development of American cinema in recent decades. The filmmakers she's collaborated with owe their careers to her, and their works continue to influence artistic trends in the industry. Their independence and authorial status, unbroken by business dependencies, is largely due to her determination and decisions, protecting the creative choices of artists. Romanski has over a dozen major productions to her credit – both for cinema and television (the BAFTA TV Award-winning Underground Railroad is worth mentioning here). The most important title in her career remains, in many ways, the award-winning (including an Oscar for Best Picture) Moonlight, in which she participated in the creative process from the beginning.

How to create Oscar-winning cinema and not lose your soul? How to effectively support and promote brave, independent talents? We invite you to a masterclass with Adele Romanski, the heroine of this year’s retrospective and winner of the Indie Star Award, during which we will discuss these and many other issues.

Adele Romanski masterclass after the screening of Aftersun
8.11, 7 PM, KNH5
Hosted by Marta Bałaga

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