Don’t Go in the Woods

Vincent D’Onofrio, USA 2010, 83’

Five band members go camping in a forest to work on material for their new album, away from the city hubbub and its temptations – no alcohol, drugs, women, or cell phones allowed on this search for inspiration. In the deep forest, they discover an abandoned cabin, with an ax and bloodstained mirror. As dusk falls, mysterious lights flicker, unsettling voices whisper, the tension inexorably grows and… band members begin to disappear.

Sound familiar? It isn’t – this is no ordinary slasher, though dismembered body parts do go flying a plenty. It is a horror-film-cum-rock-musical, with no dancing but plenty of singing. The rock opera then transforms again into horror film in constant friction between two genres that makes Vincent D’Onofrio’s film exceptional and engaging throughout.

Anna Taszycka

Vincent D’Onofrio

Born in 1959. He studied at the Actors Studio and the American Stanislavski Theatre. As a film actor, D’Onofrio’s career break came when he played a mentally unbalanced recruit in Full Metal Jacket (1987), directed by the renowned Stanley Kubrick. He had a major role in Dying Young (1991), and appeared prominently in the box-office smash Men in Black (1997). In 2001 D’Onofrio took the role which has likely given him his greatest public recognition: det. Robert Goren, the lead character in the TV series Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001). In 2010 he directed his first ever feature, a horror musical entitled Don’t Go in the Woods.


2005 Five Minutes, Mr. Welles (kr. m. / short)

2010 Nie wchodzić do lasu / Donʼt Go in the Woods

Cast & Crew

director Vincent D’Onofrio
screenplay Joe Vinciguerra, Sam Bisbee, na podstawie pomysłu Vincenta D’Onofrio / based on a story by Vincent D’Onofrio
cinematography Mike Latino
editing Jennifer Lee
music Sam Bisbee
cast Nuriya Almaya, Bo Boddie, Gwynn Galitzer, Kira Gorelick, Alyssa Jang, Jorgen Jorgensen, Tim Lajcik, Soomin Lee, Kate O'Malley, Matt Sbeglia, Casey Smith, Nick Thorp, Ali Tobia, Cassandra Walker
producer Ken Christmas, Erika Hampson, Joe Vinciguerra, Sam Bisbee, Chris Cenatiempo
production BrooklynHazelhurst Inc.
sales Blumhouse Productions
language English
coloration colour
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