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The Woods

Matthew Lessner, USA 2011, 92’

What’s so hard about living in the woods after surviving the urban jungle? A group of hipsters flee civilization to establish a forest commune set beside an idyllic brook. Compared with their hippie predecessors, however, their break with society is far less decisive and a good deal more ironic. Their forest camp has televisions affixed to trees, they heat their suppers by microwave and, in between shooting off guns and paint-fighting, they spend more time updating their Facebook profiles than talking politics. The Woods is neither a full-blown satire of technology-addicted youth, nor of the hipster culture, nor is it a parody of young rebellion movies from the 1970s and 1980s – yet it is somehow all those things at once. Surrealistic and stylized, not unlike the woodland mutineers’ vintage dress code, The Woods is a journey into the roots of pop culture in all its manifestations.

Matthew Lessner

Matthew Lessner works as a director, screenwriter, editor and producer. Before making The Woods, his directorial feature film debut, Lessner made several short films, as well as music videos for bands Dirty Projectors and The Raveonettes. The Woods screened as part of the ‘New Frontiers’ section at Sundance.


2005 Darling Darling (kr. m. / short)

2006 By Modern Measure (kr. m. / short)

2011 Zalesieni / The Woods

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Cast & Crew

director Matthew Lessner
screenplay Matthew Lessner, Adam Mortemore
cinematography Wyatt Garfield
editing Matthew Lessner
music Lydia Ainsworth
cast Toby David, Justin Phillips, Nicola Persky, Brian Woods, Anne-Sophie Dutoit, Lauren Hamersmith, Adam Mortemore
producer Max Knies, Matthew Lessner, Jett Steiger
production Greencard Pictures, Monte Lomax Productions, Team G, Kickstarter
sales Monte Lomax Productions
language English
colouration colour
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