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Jess + Moss

Clay Jeter, USA 2011, 93’

A poetic journey takes us into a world woven of the memories of a youthful summer. Jess + Moss unfolds in the sleepy atmospheres of a tobacco plantation baked by the noonday sun. Eighteen year old Jess was abandoned by her mother in childhood. Moss, her younger cousin, was raised by his grandparents after being orphaned. Together, they make a sanctuary of lazily flowing time saturated with flashes of ephemeral beauty, closeness and bliss.

Clay Jeter’s feature debut is impelled more by the force of memory, than by a conventional logic of cause and effect. Beautiful, endlessly fluctuating and shimmering imagery shot on Super 16 mm film captures two young people immersed in a shifting, delicate fabric of memories. Jeter has made a film that deftly captures the nostalgic charm of the last moments of childhood, where shades of the real world seem just beyond the frame.


Dallas IFF 2011 – najlepszy film fabularny / best narrative; Nashville FF 2011 – nagroda Ground Zero Tennessee Independent Spirit dla filmu fabularnego / Ground Zero Tennessee Independent Spirit award for a feature film; Indianapolis IFF 2011 – nagroda Indianapolis Museum of Art / The IMA Culturally Adventurous award

Clay Jeter

Clay Jeter grew up in Tennessee, spending a good deal of time, as he says, on go-carts and playing with fireworks. He studied film at the University of Southern California. His short films have screened at festivals in Sundance, Tribeca, Santa Barbara, Nashville and Palm Springs. In 2009, he made the mid-length documentary, A Positive Rage, chronicling rock band The Hold Steady on tour. In 2010, He did camera work on the feature-length documentary Bouncing Cats, which depicted Ugandan breakdancers. Filmed on a family tobacco plantation in Kentucky, Jess + Moss is his fiction feature debut.

Selected filmography

2006 The Willowz: Seeinsquares (współreż., wideo / co-dir., video)

2006 Ferguson (kr. m. / short)

2009 A Positive Rage (wideo, dok. / video, doc.)

2010 Five Dollars (kr. m. / short)

2011 Jess + Moss

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Cast & Crew

director Clay Jeter
screenplay Will Basanta, Isaac Hagy, Clay Jeter, Debra Jeter; na podstawie historii Claya Jetera, Debry Jeter i Nikki Jeter Wilbanks / based on a story by Clay Jeter, Debra Jeter and Nikki Jeter Wilbanks
cinematography Will Basanta, Clay Jeter
editing Isaac Hagy
sound Mark Stoeckinger, Cliff Latimer
cast Sarah Hagan, Austin Vickers, Haley Parker, Haley Strode
producer Will Basanta, Isaac Hagy, Brian Harstine, Clay Jeter, Adam Childress
production Blood River Pictures, Liquid Crystal Productions, Love Streams Productions
sales Visit Films
language English
colouration colour
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