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William Eubank, USA 2011, 86’

Love is the result of an collaborative arthouse project involving director William Eubank and musicians from the band Angels & Airwaves. The film is something of a conceptual extension of the band’s earlier musical work. Their ambient soundtrack and Eubank’s set (built in his parents’ driveway) and direction give the ambitious project an unmistakable originality. Reviewers of this tale of a lone astronaut trapped in orbit have made the inevitable comparisons to Moon, Solaris, and 2001: A Space Odyssey, yet Eubank’s film has a personality that is very much its own and borrows little, if anything, from those earlier productions. The film’s overarching message is that, above all else, people hunger for contact with others – loneliness is an alien state and just as unforgiving of human fragility as the cold vastness of outer space.

William Eubank

William Eubank began his directorial adventures when he shot a commercial at the age of 18. Love is his directorial feature film debut, but he has long been familiar with movie sets, having worked as a technician on such productions as Superman Returns. He has been cinematographer on a number of short films. His philosophy in film is to approach directing the same way as he would musical composition. He considers Stanley Kubrick his mentor.


2011 Miłość / Love

Cast & Crew

director William Eubank
screenplay William Eubank
cinematography William Eubank
editing Brian Berdan, Scott Chestnut
music Angels & Airwaves
cast Gunner Wright, Corey Richardson, Bradley Horne, Nancy Stelmaszczyk, Roger E. Fanter, Troy Mittleider, Jessica Rizo
producer Angels & Airwaves, Dan Figur, Nate Kolbeck, Lemar Scott
production Angels & Airwaves
sales To The Stars
language English
colouration colour
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