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Magic Valley

Jaffe Zinn, USA 2011, 85’

Into the orderly lives of the residents of a small Idaho town creeps a disturbing secret. Jaffe Zinn’s creative footprints in Magic Valley lead unmistakably in the direction of David Lynch. The director portrays a community whose unspoken rules of communal life are about to be blown apart by dormant, yet deeply rooted, human instincts. But Zinn steers clear of any grotesque distortions of small town realities. The force of Magic Valley resides in its convincing depiction of characters’ psyches. Zinn adroitly constructs the film’s parallel plot lines and shows a flair for suspense in only gradually revealing the interconnections between them. Magic Valley’s atmosphere is more severe than it is magical, but its effects are nonetheless spellbinding.

Jaffe Zinn

Idahoan director and versatile artist Jaffee Zinn graduated in film studies from New York University. Several of his highly rated short film have screened at various festivals, including in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Moscow. Among them, A Life for M-80 and Bliss were nominated for the Wasserman Award, New York University’s highest honor for outstanding student films. Magic Valley is his first feature film.

Selected filmography

2002 A Life for M-80 (kr. m. / short)

2004 Bliss (kr. m. / short)

2011 Magiczna dolina / Magic Valley

Cast & Crew

director Jaffe Zinn
screenplay Jaffe Zinn
cinematography Sean Kirby
editing Andrew Dickler, Jaffe Zinn
music Steve Damstra II, Mads Heldtberg
cast Scott Glenn, Kyle Gallner, Alison Elliott, Brad William Henke, Johnny Lewis, Will Estes
producer Heather Rae, W. Mike Holmes, Philip Larmon, Laura Mehlhaff
production Besito Films, Iron Circle Pictures, Lovesick Pictures, Prominent Pictures
sales Rezo Films
language English
colouration colour
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