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No Matter What

Cherie Saulter, USA 2011, 90’
European premiere

Cherie Saulter admits to a persistent habit of intensely observing everyone around her. But it is not prying, and neither is her scrutiny of the characters in No Matter What. The director employs the repertoire of expressions and gestures shared by two teenage boys to paint an evocative portrait of backwater boredom. Saulter’s directorial debut elegantly marries road movie stylings with visions resembling those of her filmmaking hero, François Truffaut. In fact, it is difficult to shake the feeling that No Matter What is a modern, Northern Florida retelling of The 400 Blows. Like the French master, Saulter is adept at suddenly dispelling the severity of her story with timely doses of poetic flair and humor. Most importantly, perhaps, she approaches her characters with genuine empathy, making her directorial debut a thoroughly engaging experience.

Cherie Saulter

Director, screenwriter and producer Cherie Saulter was born in Houston, Texas in 1985. She grew up in Florida and studied film direction at Florida State University. Before debuting as a director, she made her name as a producer of independent films, notably working on Medicine for Melancholy, as well as The Myth of the American Sleepover, which screened at the 1st AFF. No Matter What is Saulter’s directorial debut. It premiered at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin.


2011 Choćby nie wiem co / No Matter What

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Cast & Crew

director Cherie Saulter
screenplay Cherie Saulter
cinematography Jay Keitel
editing Andrew Hevia
music Keegan DeWitt
cast Waylan Gross, Matt Webb, Steve Cox, Travis Herndon, Stan Houston, Joshua Mikel, Eric Newcombe, Ford Seeuws, Amy Seimetz
producer Justin Barber, Cherie Saulter, Brett Allen Smith
sales Law Offices of George M. Rush
source of print Stay Glorious
language English
colouration colour
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