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Somewhere Tonight

Michael Di Jiacomo, USA, Netherlands 2011, 85’

‘The first step is the hardest’ seems to be a life creed for both Leroy and Patti – two middle-aged loners whose social interactions amount to little more than playing with a dog or spying on the more exciting lives of neighbors. For all their good intentions, their reclusive personalities and phobias allow them only to take small half-steps towards others in isolated safety, for example through a phone-sex service. Among all the possible connections on the phone lines, by coincidence or, perhaps, by fate, the two introverts make contact. Phone talk is only the beginning, but the road to real human contact will be winding and often bumpy. Inspired by the film 06 by late director Theo van Gogh and reminiscent of Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, Di Jiacomo’s Somewhere Tonight is a warm and subtle look at small human dramas and the universally compelling need to share with others.

Michael Di Jiacomo

Director and screenwriter Michael Di Jiacomo was born in Wilmington, Delaware in 1963. He studied film at New York University, where his early work already brought him success. His short film, The Lost Treasure of Captain Cornelius ‘Deadeye’ Tuckett, received a Student Oscar in 1989. His feature film debut, Animals with the Tollkeeper, starring Tim Roth, came nine years later and was part of the main competition at the Karlovy Vary IFF, while Di Jiacomo won best director at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. Somewhere Tonight is his second feature film.


1989 The Lost Treasure of Captain Cornelius ‘Deadeye’ Tuckett (kr. m. / short)

1998 Animals with the Tollkeeper

2011 Gdziekolwiek dzisiaj / Somewhere Tonight

Cast & Crew

director Michael Di Jiacomo
screenplay Michael Di Jiacomo
cinematography Thomas Kist
editing Barry Alexander Brown
music Giulio Carmassi
cast John Turturro, Katherine Borowitz, Max Casella, Elizabeth Marvel, Lynn Cohen, Cheryl Crow
producer Thomas J. Mangan IV, Gijs van de Westelaken, Bruce Weiss, Frank Hall Green
production Column Film, Ironworks Productions, Somewhere Tonight
sales Cinemavault Releasing
language English
colouration colour
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