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Turkey Bowl

Kyle Smith, USA 2011, 64’
European premiere

Turkey Bowl is about the good-natured tradition of neighborhood football games on Thanksgiving. Winner takes all… of the turkey. Kyle Smith’s debut feature depicts – in real time – a game during which old friends get together to dispute the prize. Unexpectedly, two new competitors, Troy and Sergio, join the contest. Both teams try to win at all costs, all the while keeping up the appearance that what matters most is a good time among friends.

Smith’s film is a succinct portrayal of a group of friends whose true faces begin to show during a sixty-minute football game. Since their interactions are confined almost solely to their annual contests, the games become prime occasions to vent long-repressed grudges. Exposed for their jealousies, hidden feelings and simple human weaknesses, everyone nevertheless strives to keep the tradition going for one more year.

Kyle Smith

Screenwriter, director and producer Kyle Smith grew up in Columbia, Missouri and today lives in Los Angeles. Turkey Bowl is his directorial feature film debut and has screened at the SXSW in Austin.


2006 Confusion Hooks (kr. m. / short)

2010 Santa Ana Winds (kr. m. / short)

2011 Indycze rozgrywki / Turkey Bowl

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Cast & Crew

director Kyle Smith
screenplay Kyle Smith
cinematography Jeff Powers
editing Brian Wessel
sound Andrew Tracy, Canaan Triplett, Ben Templin, Sabi Tulok
cast Morgan Beck, Adam Benic, Kerry Bishé, Troy Buchanan, Tom DiMenna, Zeke Hawkins, Zoe Perry, Jon Schmidt, Bob Turton
producer Stephen Paratore, Kyle Smith, Krystal Quinones
production Turkey Bowl Productions, Tribeca Film, American Express
sales Law Offices of George M. Rush
source of print Turkey Bowl Productions
language English
colouration colour
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