The Master

Paul Thomas Anderson, USA 2012, 137’

A “film about the beginning of Scientology,” crowed the headlines, but the movie claims no direct connection to the movement. After a five-year hiatus, director Paul Thomas Anderson returns to examine the interdependencies among followers of a charismatic cult guru in a nostalgia-filled and critical work about the ambivalence straining American society in the post World War II years.

The war and booze-scarred sailor Freddie Quell (Joaquin Phoenix) meets charismatic guru Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman) whose Cause attracts the solicitous Quell. The setup offers a rich canvas to examine the evolution of this relationship and is the film’s dramatic axis, made superb by the electrically intense but nuanced on-screen interplay between the seemingly forgotten Phoenix and perennially superlative Hoffman, leaving audiences percolating with intensity.




69. Festiwal Filmowy w Wenecji/ 69. Venice Film Festiwal: Nagroda FIPRESCI/ FIPRESCI Prize - Paul Thomas Anderson, Srebrny Lew Dla Najlepszego Reżysera/ Silver Lion for Best Director, Coppa Volpi dla Najlepszego Aktora/ Best Actor Joaquin Phoenix Philip Seymour Hoffman

Paul Thomas Anderson

Director and screenwriter Paul Thomas Anderson is one of the most original American filmmakers, well-versed in cinematic history, tradition and technique. Born in 1970 in the suburban San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles, whose proximity to Hollywood offers a view into the lives of aspiring and crestfallen actors, Anderson went on to use “The Valley” in several of his films. He spent two days studying at NYU, after which he withdrew his tuition to pay for a short film. Prior to his feature length debut, he cut his teeth on the sets of numerous commercials and music videos.

Anderson is a careful observer of American suburbia. His protagonists are often loners and outsiders whose personal stories pit them against society’s conventions and demands. He masterfully reaches into his spacious store of ideas, refitting the most cliché forms with freshness and innovation. Each of his films has earned cult status, from the bittersweet and campy Boogie Nights, the multi-plot and entrancing Magnolia to the suggestive and dramaturgically masterful There Will Be Blood. His tightly written scripts remain the work of an independent auteur, but Anderson, though once a niche director, has consistently increased his fan base as confirmed by the rows of awards his films have garnered. After five nominations, its seems only a matter of time until an Oscar is among them.



1988 The Dirk Diggler Story (kr. metraż / short)

1993 Cigarettes & Coffee (kr. metraż / short)

1996 Hard Eight (oryg. Sydney)

1997 Boogie Nights

1998 Flagpole Special (kr. metraż / video short)

1999 Magnolia

2000 SNL Fanatic (kr. metraż TV / TV short)

2001 Saturday Night Live: The Best of Molly Shannon (kr. metraż / video short)

2002 Lewy Sercowy / Punch-Drunk Love

2003 Couch (kr. metraż TV / TV short)

2003 Mattress Man Commercial (kr. metraż / video short)

2003 Blossom & Blood (kr. metraż / video short)

2007 Aż poleje się krew / There Will Be blood

2012 Mistrz / The Master


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Cast & Crew

director Paul Thomas Anderson
screenplay Paul Thomas Anderson
cinematography Mihai Malaimare Jr.
editing Leslie Jones, Peter McNulty
music Jonny Greenwood
cast Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, Laura Dern, Jesse Plemons
producer Paul Thomas Anderson, Megan Ellison, Daniel Lupi, JoAnne Sellar
production Weinstein Company, Ghoulardi Film Company, Annapurna Pictures
sales Gutek Film
language english
coloration colour
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