A Song Still Inside

Gregory Collins, USA 2013, 82’

Artists tend to reverse roles and here, Maggie brings home the bacon by playing a bit part in a cheesy Internet show, while Mike stays home taking care of their son and preparing low-fat dinners. In the meantime, he’s writing a script and foraging for roles, a task that would be easier if he could leave the child home. Even for an hour… In his directorial debut, Gregory Collins asks questions that perturb most thirty-somethings: is it possible to balance your professional ambitions, freedom (not just artistic) and the demands of home? The director filters the story through a personal lens: "In retrospect, I think I started writing this the night my first daughter was born," Collins told SRQ Backlot in an interview.   

Gregory Collins

Collins was born and raised in Kenya. He has worked in film and film production for over ten years on films including Infamous, Sin City, The Quiet, and Elvis & Anabelle. Gregory co-wrote and co-produced Melvin, which is a tense character study about a young man coming undone. A Song Still Inside is Gregory’s first feature film.


2010 Thokozani (kr.m. / short)

2013 W duszy nadal gra / A Song Still Inside  

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Cast & Crew

director Gregory Collins
screenplay Gregory Collins
cinematography Eun-ah Lee
editing Rodrigo Lopresti, Gregory Collins
music Maciej Zieliński
cast Rodrigo Lopresti, Susan Highsmith, Jayce Bartok, Jacqueline Knapp
producer Patricia Beaury, Rodrigo Lopresti
sales Gregory Collins
language English
coloration colour
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