Double Play: James Benning and Richard Linklater

Gabe Klinger, France, Portugal, USA 2013, 70’

"Both filmmakers embody historical and contemporary notions of America, its follies and its splendors. Beyond surface differences, Benning and Linklater are similar in that their films demonstrate formal and thematic preoccupations with duration, the reconstruction of time and memory, mathematical structures, cinematic traditions, and the representation of history past and present...," claims director Gabe Klinger. The protagonists of his fascinating documentary meet in Austin and share stories. Fragments of documentaries by the director of Stemple Pass are edited with shots of Austin, the location of the earliest films by the director of Before Midnight, erasing the lines between their separate worlds, while the two cult directors fertilize each other with ideas and foment the question about universality of the cinematic experience.  


2013 Venice IFF – Najlepszy dokument na temat kina / Venezia Classici Award for Best Documentary on Cinema

Gabe Klinger

Gabe Klinger (b. 1982, Brazil) has been attempting for a better part of his life to understand the 117-year-old history of cinema through the practices of writing, programming and teaching. His masters are Griffith, Alvarez, Jerry Lewis and Snow. Klinger is a contributor to Cinema Scope and Sight & Sound, a visiting lecturer at the University of Illinois in Chicago, and a freelance curator of several leading film organizations.  


2013 Outsiderzy: James Benning i Richard Linklater / Double Play: James Benning and Richard Linklater  

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Cast & Crew

director Gabe Klinger
screenplay Gabe Klinger
cinematography Eduard Grau
editing Danielle Anezin
sound Justin Hennard
cast Richard Linklater, James Benning, Sandra Adair, Chale Nafus
producer Rodrigo Areias, Gabe Klinger, André S. Labarthe, Berndt Mader, Eugenio Renzi
production Gladys Glover Films, Bando à Parte, The Bear Media, Red Shoes / Some Shoes
sales Gabe Klinger
language English
coloration colour
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