Matt Creed, USA 2013, 85’

Reminiscent of John Cassavetes and the French NewWave, Lily exudes the same unconventional charm captured in inconspicuous moments, with loose narration that often flies off into the wild blue yonder.  Lily (the fabulous Amy Grantham) is finishing chemotherapy.  She wanders the streets of New York, recording sounds in an attempt to find her place in a new world without illness as its epicenter. She wants to make up the time others have used to build relationships and careers. Grantham, who radiates warmth and humor, also co-authored the script, which is loosely based on her personal experience of fighting cancer. IndieWire notes ‘Lily is a New York movie through and through… Creed and Grantham perfectly capture the vibe of a city that seems alive and vital.’

Matt Creed

Matt Creed is a New York-based filmmaker and artist. He spent his childhood in transit, from Toronto to Ohio to Los Angeles and, eventually, New York. With a background in studio art and no formal film training, Creed’s approach is that of the silent observer, watching and recording. Lily is his debut feature.


2013 Lily


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Cast & Crew

director Matt Creed
screenplay Matt Creed, Amy Grantham
cinematography Brett Jutkiewicz
editing Brett Jutkiewicz
cast Amy Grantham, Simon Chaput, Lindsay Burdge, Benjamin Slater, Zachary Unger
producer Izabella Tzenkova, Matt Creed, Brandon Creed, Hunter Gray, Alexander Orlovsky
sales Izabella Tzenkova
language English
coloration colour
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