Blue Highway

Kyle Smith, USA 2013, 70’

It’s him, her, and 3000 miles to California. Dillon, like so many others before him, packs his bags and heads out West to start a new life. Kerry takes a break from her life to see him off: together they traverse an America abounding with wonder and thousands of answers. Dillon loves trivia and constantly shares his “Did you know that...?” anecdotes to fill the air in a car lacking a radio. America serves as the background, offering an ideal game board for “Guess what they filmed here?” The duo is in no hurry, and they go off the beaten path and stop anywhere there may be something to see, even if it’s only a suburban lawn or  a miniature Eiffel Tower topped with a gigantic cowboy hat.

Kyle Smith

Kyle Smith grew up in Columbia, Missouri. He studied film production and criticism. His debut film, the 60-minute football comedy Turkey Bowl was very well received at SXSW in 2011; proclaimed him ‘the next Robert Altman’.


2011 Indycze rozgrywki / Turkey Bowl

2013 Blue Highway  

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Cast & Crew

director Kyle Smith
screenplay Kyle Smith
cinematography Jeff Powers
editing Brian Wessel
music Infinite Body
sound Ben Templin
cast Kerry Bishé, Dillon Porter
producer Holly Smith, Eleanor Meier, Rafael Palacio-Illingworth
production Nora Films, Pretzel Pictures
sales Pretzel Pictures
language English
coloration colour
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