The Cold Lands

Tom Gilroy, USA 2013, 100’

Young Atticus feels secure under his mother’s constant care in the picturesque and provincial Hudson River Valley, cut off from civilization, living on what others throw away. But his mother’s death interrupts this bucolic anti-consumerist  tale. When the 14-year-old leaves home, nature ceases to be  a wellspring of wonder, or his friend. Without his mother’s care, interactions with others become a source of danger,  as well as  motivation to grow up fast. Fear of loneliness forces him to become close to a mysterious vagabond who is unable to take life seriously. Tom Gilroy’s contemplative film could be an adaptation of Thoreau’s Walden,  minus the narration. It is a  combination of a  coming-of-age story and a road film, spun  from daydreams about freedom from social conventions and  the untamed  desire for adventure.

Tom Gilroy

Tom Gilroy is a writer/director/producer/actor from New York who has appeared in over 30 films, having worked with such directors as Ken Loach, Sidney Lumet, Jean-Luc Godard, and Paul Auster. With his theatre company, Machine Full (co-founded with Lili Taylor and Michael Imperioli), Gilroy has produced over a dozen critically acclaimed productions, most recently Hamlet, starring Richard Harris. He has written, directed and produced two award winning films, the short Touch Base and the feature Spring Forward  (1999). The Cold Lands is his second feature.


1994 Touch Base (kr. m. / short)

1999 Ostatnia wiosna / Spring Forward

2011 R.E.M.: It Happened Today (kr. m. / short)

2013 The Cold Lands 


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Cast & Crew

director Tom Gilroy
screenplay Tom Gilroy
cinematography Wyatt Garfield
editing Julia Bloch
music Hahn Rowe
cast Silas Yelich, Peter Scanavino, Lili Taylor
producer Paul Mezey, Andrew Goldman
production Journeyman Pictures, Cinereach
sales Cinereach
language English
coloration colour
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