When I Walk

Jason DaSilva, USA, Canada 2013, 85’

This cinematic diary of the very handsome Jason DaSilva, director, traveler and victim of multiple sclerosis at 25 years of age, shows the daily trials of an illness slowly taking away his independence. DaSilva never loses hope or optimism, submitting to increasingly experimental treatments, some of which result in heart-rending dreams of running free. The director’s religious grandmother sends him to Lourdes and is convinced this will bring on a miracle. And so, the beautiful Alice appears in his life, who does not run from his disability, but accompanies him on an electric wheelchair ride on the spiral floor of the Guggenheim Museum. 



2013 Hot Docs International Film Festival - najlepszy dokument kanadyjski / Best Canadian Feature Documentary Award

Jason DaSilva

Jason DaSilva is a director, artist, and producer of transmedia projects. His previous films screened at Sundance in 2003, the Whitney Biennal and at MoMA. With support from Google, in 2012 DaSilva produced the AXS Map mobile application. 


Selected filmography

2002 Olivia's Puzzle (kr. m. / short)

2003 Lest We Forget (dok. / doc.)

2005 A Song for Daniel (kr. m. / short)

2006 Twins of Mankala (kr. m. / short)

2008 From the Mouthpiece on Back (dok. / doc.)

2009 First Steps (kr. m. dok.  / doc. short)

2013 Na własnych nogach / When I Walk (dok. / doc.)

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Cast & Crew

director Jason DaSilva
screenplay Jason Da Silva, Alice Cook
cinematography Leigh DaSilva, Alice Cook, Karin Hayes
editing Jason Da Silva, Keiko Deguchi, Alice Cook
music Jeff Beal
cast Jason Da Silva, Alice Cook
producer Jason Da Silva, Alice Cook
production AXS Labs
sales LongShot Factory
language English
coloration colour
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