Inequality For All

Jacob Kornbluth, USA 2013, 90’

As the world’s wealthy continue to accumulate ever greater riches and the needy slowly slide deeper into poverty, it seems easy to believe it has always been this way.  Haven’t the underprivileged always fought an uphill battle? Meanwhile, Jacob Kornbluth’s  Sundance award-winning documentary proves that today’s appalling income disparity is the product of the last twenty years. Shocking? Not so. What is more interesting, however, is how this came about and who is to blame.  This film answers those questions via Robert Reich, a man of diminutive height but tremendous sense of humor and academic expertise  :  professor of economics, political commentator, and Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton. Inequality is a colossal threat to the economy and to democracy, which is why Reich encourages everyone to work to change our world. As he says, "Politics is not out there, it starts here".


2013 Sundance Film Festival - Nagroda specjalna jury dla dokumentu amerykańskiego / U. S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Achievement in Filmmaking

Jacob Kornbluth

American director Jacob Kornbluth was born to a working class family in New York in 1972  . He played harmonica in a punk band for several years before debuting, in 2001,  the feature Haiku Tunnel at the Sundance Film Festival, where he also premiered his sophomore film, The Best Thief in the World, in 2004. He is currently producing short films with Robert Reich for


2001 Haiku Tunnel

2004 The Best Thief in the World

2013 Nierówność dla wszystkich / Inequality for All (dok. / doc.)

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Cast & Crew

director Jacob Kornbluth
cinematography Svetlana Cvetko, Dan Krauss
editing Kim Roberts, Miranda Yousef
music Marco D'Ambrosio
cast Robert Reich
producer Jen Chaiken, Sebastian Dungan
production Jen Chaiken, Sebastian Dungan
sales Films Distribution SAS
language English
coloration colour
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