Patrick Brice, USA 2014, 78’

When the song Creep became Radiohead’s biggest hit it also became their nightmare, because they never intended it to be their calling card. In his feature debut, director Patrick Brice should not have the same problem, because this original romp through the horror genre could well become his signature style. It all begins innocently enough, with an internet ad for a job. All you have to do is go to a mountain cabin and record everything that happens for 24 hours. Discretion guaranteed. Unsure? A $1000 day rate should help quash any doubts. At least that’s how Aaron saw it, though it’s hard to decide if he more desperate or naïve. Ah well, to err is human…

Patrick Brice

Director, screenwriter and actor Patrick Brice studied at the California Institute of the Arts and is associated with the Los Angeles film scene. He began by making shorts. His biographical documentary about Maurice Laroche, was awarded at a Florida Film Festival. Creep is his debut feature.


2006 Love-Love (short)

2010 Wolf Creek (short)

2011 Maurice (doc., short)

2014 Dziwak / Creep

2014 The Overnight

Cast & Crew

director Patrick Brice
screenplay Patrick Brice, Mark Duplass
editing Christopher Donlon
music Kyle Field, Eric Andrew Kuhn, Sonny Smith
cast Mark Duplass, Patrick Brice
producer Mark Duplass, Jason Blum
production Blumhouse Productions
sales RADiUS-TWC
language English
coloration colour
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