Lucky Them

Megan Griffiths, USA 2013, 97’

More or less fun dates with musicians, one night stands, being a regular at a friend’s bar, rock shows and a steady stint at the same magazine pretty much describe the carefree and fairly predictable life of Ellie Klug, a Seattle alt-rock journalist. Predictable that is, until Ellie’s editor assigns her an investigative article on the 10-year anniversary of the disappearance of influential rocker Matthew Smith. Some say he’s living in hiding, others claim he’s committed suicide. The investigation makes Ellie return to Seattle’s rocking past and her own rocky memories, because the enigmatic artist she seeks out was once her lover. In trying to find the truth about Smith, Ellie starts to examine her own life while coming to terms with what she’s lost and getting a quick lesson in growing up.

Megan Griffiths

Director, screenwriter and producer (she’s worked with e.g. Lynn Shelton), who was born in 1975 in Ohio. She earned her B.A. in visual communications in 1997 at the University of Idaho, and an MFA in Film Production from Ohio University School of Film in 2000. Her second feature, The Off Hours, had its world premiere at Sundance and was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award. Her next production, Eden, won a special award at Austin’s SXSW.


2003 First Aid for Choking

2008 Moving (short)

2011 The Off Hours

2012 Eden

2013 Szczęściarze / Lucky Them

Cast & Crew

director Megan Griffiths
screenplay Huck Botko, Emily Wachtel
cinematography Ben Kutchins
editing Meg Reticker
music Craig Wedren
cast Toni Collette, Thomas Haden Church, Anha O’Reilly, Ryan Eggold, Lynn Shelton, Johnny Depp
producer Adam Gibbs, Amy Hobby, Emily Wachtel
production Mymy Productions
sales The Works Film Group
language English
coloration colour
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