Ping Pong Summer

Michael Tully, USA 2014, 92’

In this time machine and genre fun rolled into one, Michael Tully, whose Septien screened at the 2nd AFF, takes audiences to the 1980s, a decade filled with synthetic kitsch and films like The Breakfast Club and Karate Kid. The caricature characters: shy nerds, mean bullies, giggling girls and stiff though well-intentioned parents, spend their vacation in a world of pop culture fetishes. They have bad haircuts, colorful clothes, and gold chains. They kill boredom in arcades filled with pulsing lights and cosmic sounds, and carry monstrous boom boxes that terrorize the neighborhood with electronic music. They go to amusement parks and eat softies. Above all, however, they play Ping-Pong, which rises to the ranks of extreme sport; entertainment for real men and a lifestyle. All of it is so colorful and carefree that it becomes overly psychedelic. Susan Sarandon appears in a cameo among the youthful actors.


Sarasota FF 2014 – Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature Film

Michael Tully

Filmmaker involved in cinema in many ways. He is the editor of  Hammer to Nail a web page about movies, works as a DOP (Mary Bronstein’s Yeast) and actor (Ry Russo-Young’s You Won’t Miss Me, Aaron Katz’s Quiet City). His directorial debut is the drama Cocaine Angel, which rocketed him to Filmmaker magazine’s annual list of 25 New Faces of Independent Film. His other films include the absurd comedy-drama Septien and the documentary Silver Jew.


2006 Cocaine Angel

2007 Silver Jew (doc.)

2010 Superego (TV)

2011 Septien

2014 Pingpongowe lato / Ping Pong Summer

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Cast & Crew

director Michael Tully
screenplay Michael Tully
cinematography Wyatt Garfield
editing Marc Vives
music Michael Montes
cast Marcello Conte, Emmi Shockley, John Hannah, Lea Thompson, Susan Sarandon, Myles Massey
producer Jeffrey Allard, Brooke Bernard, Michael Gottwald, Lori Krein, Billy Peterson, George Rush, Ryan Zacarias
production Compass Entertainment, Epic Match Media, Indie Entertainment, Nomadic Independence Pictures
sales Films Boutique
language English
coloration colour
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