Sun Belt Express

Evan Wolf Buxbaum, USA 2014, 91’

Allen King is the best proof that personal issues and work do not belong together. The former are connected with Arizona, where, for the protagonist, only the weather is sunny. He spends the bulk of his time fighting with his ex-wife, who currently has serious political aspirations, and trying to raise his teenage daughter. Faced with an ever-increasing pile of unpaid bills (and other problems), he heads south across the Mexican border, where he spends his days working as a teacher. At night, however, he earns extra money by smuggling illegal immigrants across the border in the trunk of his car. Having decided to give up this risky business, he is going to do it just "one last time." Director Evan Buxbaum takes an extraordinarily light-hearted approach in his treatment of one of the most burning social issues in America today. Instead of a lecturing tone, we get situational comedy, and any deeper sociological analysis in the story focuses, first and foremost, on the hero. But what about you? Do you know what you have in the trunk of your car?

Evan Wolf Buxbaum

He grew up in New York. He wanted to be a filmmaker from childhood, and he made his first attempts with an 8 mm camera borrowed from his parents. He has made a number of commercials for companies such as Nike and Google. He has also made numerous short films that have been screened at festivals. In addition to directing, he also writes his own screenplays and produces his own films. Sun Belt Express, his full-length feature debut, shared the main prize at last year’s US in Progress in Wrocław.  


2007 The Shallow End of the Ocean (short)

2009 The Roofer (short)

2010 Anything You Can Do (short)

2013 Save Your Tears, Darling (co-dir., short)

2014 Sun Belt Express

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Cast & Crew

director Evan Wolf Buxbaum
screenplay Evan Wolf Buxbaum, Chance Mullen, Gregorio Castro
cinematography Luke Geissbühler
editing Beth Moran
music Rob Morrison
cast Tate Donovan, Rachael Harris, Stephen Lang, Ana de la Reguera, Miguel Sandoval
producer Iyabo Boyd, Evan Wolf Buxbaum, Arun Kumar, Noah Lang
production Lola’s Production
sales Evan Buxbaum
language English, Spanish
coloration colour
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