Joel Potrykus, USA 2014, 97’

Director Joel Potrykus hits the bull’s-eye when he says that Buzzard is like the result of a meeting between Freddy Kruger and Albert Camus. In a weird dark comedy and psychedelic horror hybrid, the American filmmaker mocks cultural models of rebellion. In Buzzard, Marty, a modern “rebellious man,” stuffs himself with fast food, tortures his neighbors with heavy metal, and formulates his perspective through brutal videogames. Marty also crusades against corporate reality. This modern Don Quixote from a dirty single apartment gradually stops differentiating reality from fiction and becomes hostage to his own whiplashed imagination. Potrykus’ raw and vulturine visual style works well to highlight the thickening theme of on-screen paranoia. Polished in every detail, Buzzard is an excellent culmination of the director’s animal trilogy, where the protagonists are outsiders with disturbed identities.

Joel Potrykus

He was born in Alpen, Michigan and studied film at Grand Valley State University, where he made several 8 mm and 16 mm films. Soon after graduation, he founded Son Noise Movies, which produced his film Coyote. In 2012, he completed his feature-length debut Ape, which received two awards at the Locarno Film Festival and is his greatest success.


2007 Gordon (short)

2010 Kojot / Coyote (short)

2012 Małpa / Ape

2014 Krogulec / Buzzard

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Cast & Crew

director Joel Potrykus
screenplay Joel Potrykus
cinematography Adam J. Minnick
editing Adam J. Minnick
sound Josh Tyron
cast Joshua Burge, Josh Tyron, Teri Ann Nelson
producer Michael Saunders, Ashley Young
production Sob Noisse Movies
sales Media Luna New Films
language English
coloration colour
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