Ned Rifle

Hal Hartley, USA 2014, 85’

Ned Rifle is a chip off the Hartley block. After turning 18, the son of Henry Fool and Fay Grim follows in his father's footsteps. He's armed with a Bible, a powerful conviction to remain celibate and a gun. The latest film from the icon of NY's independent cinema is the final chapter in a trilogy started in 1997 about a family of eccentrics maligned by the American dream. Fay is doing time in prison convicted for terrorism and getting ready to write an autobiography. Drunk, fraud and philosopher Henry makes a living as a research subject, leaving him struggling with the side effects of novel drugs. The Nobel winning poet Simon adapts to modern culture by looking for success as an online stand-up comedian. Ned Rifle is Hartley's subversive form of a revenge movie. Fans will find all the director's favorite tricks: comedy extracted from grave seriousness, brilliant dialogues, a nonchalant approach to plot and toying with the clichés of mainstream movies.

Hal Hartley

He is an icon of American independent cinema. He was born into a working-class family and grew up in an Irish Catholic neighborhood on Long Island, NY. Hartley produced his first feature, The Unbelievable Truth, for a paltry $50,000 - it went on to win the 1989 Toronto Film Festival. In 1997, his Henry Fool got the Best Screenplay Award at the Cannes Film Festival. He often uses genre cinema conventions, including the gangster film Amateur, Bible science fiction (The Book of Life) and political satire (The Girl from Monday).

Selected filmography

1989 Niewiarygodna prawda / Unbelievable Truth

1994 Amator / Amateur

1997 Henryl Fool

2004 Siostry miłosierdzia / The Sisters of Mercy

2005 Dziewczyna z planety Poniedziałek / The Girl from Monday

2006 Fay Grim

2014 Ned Rifle

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Cast & Crew

director Hal Hartley
screenplay Hal Hartley
cinematography Vladimir Subotic
editing Kyle Gilman
music Hal Hartley
cast Liam Aiken, Parker Posey, Aubrey Plaza, Thomas Jay Ryan, James Urbaniak
producer Hal Hartley, Matthey Myers, Jacqueline Bussie
production Possible Films, LLC
sales Possible Films
language English
coloration colour
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